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PKMNation app Farisees (lv 100) by Xxcandywater-fallsxX
PKMNation app Farisees (lv 100)

I adopted this little guy. he's not normally the type I have but hes so CUTE! <333

Pokemon: Gallade/Beedrill

ID# 19623

Name: Farisees

Gender: male

Ability: Trace

Hatch Date: 8/4/14

type: Fariy/Bug/Poison

Extra: Cross


Level: 100

Started Base Attack: 21

Current Base Attack: 30+2+2=41


:iconnormaltypeplz: Growl (start)


Level Up Log:

Reference sheet 2lvs

Clutch || [Ralts, Cleffa Open] 5lvs
Pkmnation--you Have Admires 3lvs
Midnight 6lvs
pkmnation--not busy 20lvs 6lvs 10lvs 5lvs 8lvs 8lvs 8lvs 8lvs 6lvs 6lvs

Breeding: open/Ask


*Has sides to his shell, and wears a little pink neck scarf. A pink bandaid is atop his nose area. Always seems slightly confused by the things around him.

*squeaks when scared

*is Gullvieg friend
Farisees is a walking nervous wreak, about anything tends to scare him. Yelling, Loud noises, Teddy bear, just about anything.

Propinquity Pt 2 by Xxcandywater-fallsxX
Propinquity Pt 2
Farisees backed away slowly from the mysterious Snivy. He'd never seen this guy before in the ranch. He wings twitched as he was itching to escape. For all he knew, this guy could be dangerous or crazy or even a mix of both. "Uh..." The Beedrill cross didn't say much before taking off at his fastest speed. He wasn't sure where to go now, but if it was far away from that stranger it didn't matter. Farisees was homefree...for what was probably two minutes total. The clouds had been building up as it soon began to rain. Farisees immediately came to a stop as he felt his wings become damp and heavy. He wasn't too far from where he took off, he can clearly see the snivy walking towards him. He scrambled about looking for a place to hide, it was to late as he quickly hid behind a tree. He trembled as he listened to what the snivy..."Carbon had to say. "Uh...w-w-where this is...The r-ranch is call 'D-dark swamp.'"
---------------------- +6 +6

Carbon belongs to anntheazelf101
This had not been a great day. She got over being turned into a Pokémon, she did become a tad more annoyed finding out that some of her mon’s left the ranch without her knowledge…again. But now this…Dewgong and its Magnemite were mind controlling her Pokémon. Dee gazed at the Rarity, she wasn’t sure how to even react right now. Among the cave, her Pokémon were fighting with each other. Tenanya was forced to fight her mother, Banshee. The pumpkin goat growled and snarled, swiping her big paw like hands at the fly goat. “Mother please, this isn’t you. Snap out of it!” She yelled, trying to hold off her attack the best she could right now. Then there was Farisees, who at the moment was being chased by Apollo. Apollo was such a shy but sweet dragon, but just like Banshee, he wasn’t being himself. He roared, which’d drowned out Farisees screams of panic. The cave they were in was such a tight space. It made navigating through difficult as he had to dodge stalactites and a dragon who was spitting streams of fire at him. He tried flying faster, but his light, transparent wings could only carry him so far. Deva, stood back to the fighting, her ears flicked to the multiple sounds the bounced around the cave walls. And Escapade…she was still tiny now. Only thing she could do now was hit Dee to no grand effect.
“Why are you doing this, call off your minions and let me Pokémon go right now!” The Rarity Just looked down at, a small smile on her face. “Why? I said before, but I’ll repeat myself again if I must. Your human kind think it is alright for you to own us. You and everyone else use Pokémon for your own selfish and petty needs. So I thought to myself on what to do, killing you all would be going too far and taking everyone Pokémon just seemed impractical. “Dee frowned. “And yet turning about every human into a Pokémon wasn’t going to far!?” She yelled, this fat seal was ticking her off and yet…. did it have a point? Thinking about it now, there were a few times where she didn’t have the right attitude in dealing with them. Weather they left the ranch without telling anyone, broke something, got in her personal space, fought over dumb thing, or just did things stupid in general. Was it right…?
“No… your wrong.” Dee walked forward till she was but a foot away from the Rarity. “Oh, would you mind elaborating on this.” The Dewgong lower its head down till it was at Dee eye level. Dee pushed her hat up and brushed the bangs from her face. “I said your wrong. Sure some people miss treat there Pokémon, but not all humans are like that. Pokémon are our companions, are friends. Yeah, I admit that my Pokémon have tested my patience numerous times. It being they don’t listen to me from time to time, touch and break my stuff, or even cling to my person when I don’t want them to. Seriously do you know how hard it is to move around when you have a 100 something pound baby clinging to you? But over even with all those troubles they all give me…I still care about them deeply. And I will not let you use them as puppets in your ploy!” Without warning, Dee grabbed Escapade, who was biting at her trainer leg and threw her at the Rarity. Surprised, but not shocked, the Dewgong leaped down from its rock and waddled over to Dee. “What is wrong with you? You would use one of your so called ‘companions’ as a pawn. No more games, not only do you seem not to care, but you clearly have lie to me as well. You do not deserve to be a trainer.” Dee chuckled, adjusting her hat a bit. “You know; I’ve asked myself that after getting my 50th Pokémon. I thought, ‘what have I gotten myself into with these guys, I should just quit.’ And I have thought about it again more and more from time to time. But the true is, I can’t, I won’t. Like I said before, no matter how many times they’ve pissed me off, I’ve come to care about all of them.” Dee stand strong, cracked her knuckles. Even still as a Pokémon herself, she knew when it was time to be threating, even if it was at another Pokémon.
She reached under her hat, and pulled out a Remoraid. “…What is this, are you going to attack me with a fish?” Dee nodded. “Remee. Now!” Remoraid squeaked as it unleashed a barrage or seed like bullets from its mouth. The Rarity ducked for cover until the attack was over. “Huh, your aim is as poorly as your statements.” The Dewgong win was cut short to the sound of metal clanking and bangs as it hit the cave floor. “Wow, here I was thinking that you were smart.” The magnemites buzzed and pings as their hypnotic signals finally went out. Both Banshee, Apollo, and Escapade (who was knocked out from being thrown), were free now. “Sorry little seal, it over now.”
pkmnation-Wk4 (it begins)
Things get ugly as Dee trys to held the rarity herself

800+words in total here. =4lvs
Banshee (4lvs+2lvs)=6lvs
Apollo (4lvs+2lvs)=6lvs  (learns flamethower)
Remee (4lvs+2lvs)=6lvs (learns bulletseed)
Teneya   (4lvs+2lvs)=6lvs
Escapade (4lvs+2lvs)=6lvs
Farisees (4lvs+2lvs)=6lvs
Deva (4lvs+2lvs)=6lvs

Teneya, Apollo, Deva, and Banshee are level 100, their total of levels are 24lvs going to Tokyo
pkmnation app Toki by Xxcandywater-fallsxX
pkmnation app Toki
Pokemom: Smoochum
Name: Toki
Gender: Female
Ability: Oblivious
Hatch Date: 3/4/16
type: Psychic/Ice/Grass
Special: Fusion

Level: 8
Started Base Attack: 16
Current Base Attack: 17


Level Up Log:
Reference sheet 2lvs 6lvs

Breeding: (Close till at higher level)

Children(on the ranch): none
Mother:  [PKMNation] Cohosh - Lvl 25
Father:  PKMNation:: Garrison



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I went and stole this from BountifulCravings
Cause im bored

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