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Pkmnation--CH1. looking for fun by Xxcandywater-fallsxX
Pkmnation--CH1. looking for fun
Carpe walked along the halls of the main house. The little cross had only been living here for what could only be a week, few day at that matter. To his small size, he was allowed to stay in the house with the few others who were here as well, This was an upside. Still he was pretty bored to this arrange as he was yet to find anyone or thing fun nor interesting. Carpe stopped where he was to look out a window. Just to happen by was a Ralts/Buneary who went by the name of Banzei. The bunny smiled, bounced his way over to Carpe. "Yo, what's happen'?" Carpe glace at the small bunny like cross. He'd seen this guy a few times around the house but he never truly spoke to him. "Nothing much. Just wonder if something fun ever goes on in this marsh. Do fun things ever happen?" He asked. Banzei thought hard on this question, he was not sure what to tell him to please him.
"Are you sure, do i really need to be there?" A voice came from around the corner. That voice belonged to the ranch trainer/owner. She went simply by just Dee, and was known to rarely paid little to no attention to her own pokemon. Both Banzei and Carpe moved out of the way when she came by, still talking on her phone with somebody. Carpe tilted his head, curiously listening to the coherent speech that came from the woman. To know about the situation, he leaned over to the Ralts cross. "Do you happen to know what she is saying now?" Banzie listened carefully. "Uh...something...problem. Something, something, needs to be fixed. Like, the short gist of it is that i'm guessing like, Miss trainer has to go off somewhere I guess." Dee soon finished her call, ending her call, walking away quietly. Banzei sighed, while Carpe smiled. "So, the lady is going away now? very interesting" Banzei looked confused by this response. "Like yeah, how is that interesting?" Carpe chuckled, bumped the side of Banzei. "Little bunny, walk with me. Do you know the phrase: 'When then trainers away, the pokemon shall play.'  Hehehe, my new friend, This shall be a day that you, me, and every other pokemon who hears about this will speak of it for years to come. I smell a party in the happening."
405 words=2lv for Banzei and Carpe deim
Plus (FB+BG+S=6lvs)
total of 8lvs
p-p--Ruth Feltsworth  by Xxcandywater-fallsxX
p-p--Ruth Feltsworth
Change app skin
● Name: Ruth Feltsworth
● Age: 19
● Gender: Female
● Birthday: Dec/25

● Species and Ability: Deilbird/ Insomnia
● Moveset:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Present

● Occupation: Restaurant chef
● Hobbies:
:bulletgreen: Cooking
:bulletgreen: Eating
:bulletgreen: Dancing
:bulletgreen: Reading comics and Mangas
:bulletgreen: Playing the cello

Mental Information
● -| Sweet | Caring | Lacks Focus|Paranoid |Clumsy |  Slightly OCD | -  ●

- Trait Explanations -
Sweet: Ruth Is as sweet as sugar, She is nice to everyone she meets even if that person is a jerk.
Caring: Shes is willing to help out somebody even if it takes time out of her day. She doesn't mind it at all.
Lacks focus: Ruth has a bit of a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. It doesn't take much to distract her.
Paranoid: Few things that freak her out now in then. When under stress, her fears often lead her to make mistakes.
Clumsy: Not very often or so, mainly happens whenever she gets distracted, she'll bump into walls, trip over her own tail, and among other things.
Slightly OCD: She likes things to be in their proper place and about everything else to be the least bit perfect.

● Likes:
:bulletgreen: Music (rap)
:bulletgreen: Cupcakes
:bulletgreen: Tv
:bulletgreen: Plushie

● Dislikes:
:bulletgreen: Muffins
:bulletgreen: Dog-like pokemon(feral)
:bulletgreen: Short clothing
:bulletgreen: Bananas, Cucumbers, Plantains(don't ask)

● Fears:
lightning and thunder

Physical Information
● Notable Features :
:bulletgreen: Chubby
:bulletgreen: Curly hair and neck fluff
:bulletgreen: Tail sack fulled with snacks

● Inventory :
-Tail sack of snacks. (Probably won't share them)

● Voice: TBA
● Eye Colour: Green
● Scent: Food..mainly chocolate

Ruth Grew in a small town with just her mother and aunt to take care of her and her 4 other siblings. The family ate out a lot  due to both the mother and aunt not knowing how to cook. It was fine for the first few years or so, but enough was enough. Ruth took up learning to cook in order to help out and to stop eating junky fast food. The first few weeks...months or so were rocky, fact everything she made either burnt, was raw, one or two people got salmonella. This didn't stop her...for a while it did.
At 18, She picked up the task again in collage, ended up getting better even(fact that none of her food killed anyone.) Took till after school she wanted to find a new place to use her cooking skill.

Extra Information
● Relationship Tracker - TBA

● Currency Tracker -

● Fun Facts:
:bulletgreen: Bi-curious leans closer to girls
:bulletgreen: Always wears shorts, both hot and cold weather

Roleplay Information

● Time Zone
Central time
● Methods
- Notes Yes
- Comments: both leaning on no
- Skype: Yes
- Chats: Yes
- Other: No

● Ratings
- G / PG . Yes
- PG-13 . Yes
- Mature Yes,but only if the other person is also open to the idea and if a know them to some degree.
pkmnation app Escapade by Xxcandywater-fallsxX
pkmnation app Escapade
Pokemon: Togepi/Ralts/Cyndaquil
Name: Escapade
Gender: Female
Ability: Hustle
Hatch Date: 1/12/16
type: Fire/Fairy/Normal
Special: Cross

Level: 6
Started Base Attack: 26
Current Base Attack: 27


Level Up Log:
Reference sheet 2lvs 4lvs

Breeding: (Close till at higher level)

Children(on the ranch): none

Mother Nora…
Father Over the Garden Wall

restarted my pokemon Y game, don't wanna play though again with just a boring plot i already know. soooo i'm going to try a egglocke for it next. asking if you'll could help me with this.
On its way. Im still doing this. X and Y were pretty easy game, I'd like a challenge for this on around. Imma ask again for some help on this.
Friend code 4253-4493-7679
If y'all can take the time to send me some eggs. I'd really appreciate it. ^w^


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I am a young artist who loves art. I would to get into animation one day,but till than I'll just keep on drawing till i get better

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